Amazing Ways to Save Mother Earth

Since the birth of the universe, it has simply been known that earth as it is will become home to us human beings and that the home that we have is only one in a million or in a billion across the galaxy that actually has the right elements and factors that could sustain life such as the right temperature, water, and all sorts of other things.

In fact, it is the only planet yet known to have sustained human life across the ages. Bad sad to say, it has become too damaged lately, with the abuse of man, our so-called home has almost reached its ruin. But we should not let it happen, here are some ways that one can help save earth, our home.


Limit the Use of Plastics

As far as utility is concerned, plastic as a material is a very versatile product and it has so many uses, but the problem with it is it has become overproduced that the environment cannot fully catch up to its decomposition that it is now found in the bottom of the ocean killing the environment with its pollution little by little until the whole system is littered with plastic that there will be no room for growth and natural process. That is why we should limit our use of plastic so that it won’t be over-produced and a day will come when we wake up to find out that it isn’t choking our oceans anymore.

Encourage Cycling

According to an accurate environmental footprint calculator, cycling is one of those human means of transportation that has the least carbon footprint left in the environment. The reason simply is that instead of burning fossil fuels, human energy and stored fats are used as fuels to convert into motion to cover distance. In this regard cities with high levels of pollution must pass ordinances and encourage the use of bicycles as a means of travel. This might sound a bit odd, but if most cities implement this, it could make a whole lot of difference for the environment.

Plant more Trees

As redundant as it sounds, everyone should plant more trees, replace cut-down old trees, plant trees not only on the mountainous areas but also on city streets, highway islets, parks, schools, anywhere available. Trees are the lungs of the mother earth, it actually helps mother earth breathe by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, simply put, trees breath the opposite way we breathe.

Recycle and be innovative

As the point above emphasizes that we should cut on our use of plastic products, one of the ways to do it is through the reuse and recycle method. A simple example suggests that if one has an empty plastic bottle, they can use it to refill water rather than buy another new bottled water, which doubles the wasted plastic material that will eventually end up in the landfill. We can always be creative and innovative with how we recycle plastic products.

We should be more than willing to take the extra mile to take care of the home that nourished us and fed us, and helped us flourish as a species.

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